About Volta Trip


Voltatrip.com is a one stop online travel portal that offers complete travel related services with comfort and satisfaction. Our highly reliable travelling professionals have attained essential marketplace to become leaders in travelling industry.

We provide unique opportunities to our industry suppliers like airlines, hotels and transporters to explore and consumers to discover different places, while ensuring satisfaction at both ends. Our unique travelling solutions add extra miles to one's journey.

Voltatrip.com is designed with the cutting edge web based technologies which offer Meta Search capabilities to book your tickets. Here we provide the right track to consumers who are looking for relevant information and travel agents who want make their presence online and offline. Our web based technologies are integrated with mid and back office to assists travel dealers and representatives.

Moreover, this single-multiple platform saves ample amount of time of visitors and suppliers. In simple terms a visitor can perform different ticketing activities while opening a single window.

The Voltatrip.com portal is easy and convenient for making reservation as it quickly book the tickets and provide different rate alternatives depending upon visitor budgets and preferences.

We pride ourselves that we cater clients from different corners of the nation. Our strong online and offline fulfillment system, various modes of delivery and collections and integrated payment gateway fosters visitor needs. We act promptly and exclusively with excellence.

Advantages for Travel Dealers:

Voltatrip.com provides various advantages to travel dealers or suppliers that comprise of: Dealing prospects with small, medium and large agencies inclusive of IATA and Non IATA agencies across the nation.

Voltatrip.com unique window platform provides access to all travel related products comprises of ticketing, car rental, hotel bookings, bus reservation, etc. Our experienced team constantly updates the additional features for convenience. Immediate ticketing and other travel related products are confirmed with relevant inventory and prices. Online and offline modes of payment are acceptable inclusive of demand drafts, cheque, etc. 24*7 customer care executives to assist the customer queries, doubts and bookings.

Dynamic packaging system ensures most widely flexibility to suppliers and products across the globe. Strong web technologies with latest features are available on our web portal. We provide complete details about various service providers and their specification to make sure that each client enjoys competitive pricing.

Our satisfied clients make us happy and our firm foundation makes us treat all customers as a top priority customer. The Voltatrip.com is an easiest and user friendly portal that incorporates various features and save a great span of time and staff energy. As our name suggest we make your travelling experience easiest, convenient and affordable.